Amendment Proposals to Open Constitution

Amendment Proposals:

This topic lists brief/abstracts of amendment proposals for the Open Constitution.

This space is for the public discussion and public review by general public and all citizens of Muellners Foundation.

Please read about the Open Constitution.
Read about Serenity.

Guide: If an amendment proposal is long, and detailed, please create a new Topic and post only the abstract of amendment suggestions(along with the url of the new Topic) in order to bring engagement to your suggestions.

The Foundation’s objectives for research, socio-economic initiatives, and governance are based on the drive of members and the society to improve and learn about themselves as well as the environment around them.

The Foundation members are invited to provide their input on this request for the addition of a new research focus area.

Read and discuss the proposal here: Motion to add “Education and learning at scale” to the Foundation’s research focus areas - Open Constitution - Muellners Foundation