CALL for Open Research on Climate Technologies in global and regional value chains

Open Research

Call for contribution to open source publication of research:

Read Research Guidelines.
This Open Research is divided into three chapters. Each chapter has chapter specific guidelines.

Chapter A. Describe strategies on how to fuse a state’s subsistence interests such as energy, food and water security, into a global governance model, in the third decade of 21st century.

Chapter guidelines:

  1. Discuss in the context of over-aching governance burdens, and ongoing geo-political race over planet’s natural resources?

  2. Discuss in the context of both global value chains and regional value chains of energy and food commodities?

  3. Include both quantitative and qualitative characteristics in this research, in the context of:

3.1. International law,
Discuss at least one(1) case finding w.r.t international laws, maritime laws, adopted for removing micro plastics in ocean, to contain damages to coral reefs.

3.2. Role of international agencies, IAEA, IEA, World Bank, local food agencies, local Water and Sanitation departments, and global social development sector organisations.

Chapter B: Describe the characteristics of socio-economic measures and frameworks to offset or contain carbon emissions?

Describe research in the context of differentiating characteristics w.r.t

b1. Carbon Credits,

b2. Carbon Taxes

b3. Green Premium(a term recently coined)

b4. Import and Export Credits/Incentives Schemes/Trade embargoes on fossil fuels

Chapter guideline:

  1. Highlight major challenges in inheriting the positive characteristics of these socio-economic measures from regional value chains to global value chains, and vice versa

Chapter C: Include and present case findings of promising Climate Technologies with following keyword criteria:

c1: Organic farming,

c2: Forestry,

c3: Fossil fuel dependence,

c4: Rare Earth metal mining:

Case study should include rare resource used for space exploration, vaccines or semiconductors?

Chapter guidelines:

  1. Please list at least one case study from each keyword.
  2. Explain the design principles of the climate technology in the case study?
  3. Explain the promise behind the technology. Discuss the analytical overview of technology’s affect on reducing emissions, ongoing stages for adoption of use cases of technology. Draw parallels between 3.1 the price fluctuations of GVC end products and
    3.2 Induction of a specific climate technology in the GVC.
    GVC(Global value chain)

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