CBDC: Recommendations for Central Banks and Public Advisory

This topic is for discussions on ongoing Open Research: CBDCs: Central Bank Digital Currency

  • Note: We are inviting General Public Review.
    The topic is open and Foundation welcomes public discussion for an editorial publishing of a position/public discussion paper on CBDCs.

This position paper(s) will be released with an open source license and shall provide insights, discusses challenges, and provides technology-based recommendations for Central Banks to launch a sustainable CBDC.
We are currently considering Reserve Bank of India’s “CBDC” project and European Central Bank’s initiative - “digital Euro” as primary case studies for our observations.

Disclaimer: This Public Discussion and the subsequent release of position paper is in the public interest.
Active Contribution: Any citizen of EEA and Republic of India can contribute to this research, with their qualified recommendations. You can also join the Foundation’s community, and participate in this Open Research directly.
Foundation uses these community guidelines to arrive at its advisory position on an emerging financial technology.

Note: For the tentative timeline on release of Chapter on digital Euro:(TBA)

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The Track Mode draft for the chapter on India’s CBDC can be found on the link below:
Open Research: CBDC: A Public Discussion Paper: Track Mode.docx - Google Docs

Note: This is a GDoc file, and can be viewed by anyone by subscribing, in accordance with the Open Access charter.
If you are already subscribed, you can also see comments, made by different contributors and editorial reviews to the paper.

If you would like to add and contribute to the content into this draft paper or future versions, please subscribe with the link below, and then gain EDIT access to the paper.
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Important Dates for the Chapter on RBI’s CBDC


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The Public Discussion paper version 2.0 is now released with CC 4.0:
You can download a pdf copy by visiting the link below;

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