Cognitive Attention in observing emergent properties of gender identity

Call for Open Research: Role of cognitive attention in observing emergent properties of gender identity of a sentient observer


Identify quantifying factors for qualias of cognitive attention span in a sentient observer.

Secondary objective of this open research is to model qualias of gender identity with the identified qualias of cognitive attention span.
For the purpose of this research, focus is on transgender and non binary gender identity.

2016: A Review of the Status of Brain Structure Research in Transsexualism

2022: Brain Sex in Transgender Women Is Shifted towards Gender Identity

For the reason that this Call for research has a cultural and public policy narrative, it is recommended to adhere to best practices for epistemic justice in all aspects of pursued research methodology.

Read Epistemic Injustice in Brain Studies of (Trans)Gender Identity.

2021 [Structural, Functional, and Metabolic Brain Differences as a Function of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation: A Systematic Review of the Human Neuroimaging Literature

Open questions for research

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Following individual participants are invited for the open research:
Scholars and researchers e.g (but not limited to the) domain of neuroscience, gender studies, psychology, anthropology, cultural studies, biology, media communications with a multi-disciplinary approach to the subject.

Following institutional participants are invited for the open research:
Self governing gender healthcare institutions, U.N member state funded regional institutions, academic universities, health tech startups, and other similar institutions with a multi-disciplinary focus on domains (e.g but not limited to) neuroscience, gender studies, psychology, anthropology, cultural studies, biology etc.

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In 21st modern science century, there is no need for suppressing human gender condition. There is a need for investing more cognitive resources in finding the depth of human existence.

Stakeholders should be kind to progress society with legislations. Legislations which consider a higher intelligence, neuro-scientifically aware and multi dimensional, socially developed human society.

Cognitive dissonance with self induced insecurities.
E.g To an ignorant mental state, tying up human’s existential function to reproduction in order to pass off genetic material is significantly vital, perhaps to hold onto a spatial reality, and associate meaning of life. However this observation of reproduction as a sole function of humanity is evidently not true for all human

Viz. Reference to Gender Identity theory for human beings, and gender as an emergent human sentience phenomenon, described as an interpersonal cognitive state b/w two observers. This identity governance is extrapolated cognitive state to a global awareness(including but not limited to a quantum cognitive energy conversion based hyper local awareness).
Viz. Gender Attributes are involuntary. Gender attributes are seemingly dynamically configurable(e.g habits and conscience actions observed in a continuous flow of cognition). In simple words, realisation of one’s Self identity is an auto involuntary cognitive function, which when observed appears to be voluntary, just like breathing.

With reference to a controlled social environment and observance of interpersonal cognitive processes, including the exchange of information b/w two observers and extrapolated global as well as hyper local expression of flow of cognition.

How to trace these observations and findings:

  1. Describe a functional Gender cognition spectrum(G.C.S) and permutations of the G.C.S I.e different frame of references of gender spectrum in individual human condition with varying degree of associations of attributes on the gender spectrum scale(Assessment mechanism) to gender identity, linked to Self or an observer. In simpler words, what are attributes of a womanhood to one observer may be a different idea of womanhood to another.

  2. Role of Cognition attention span and focus on biological or physical characteristics of human anatomy. Viz. Ability of higher intelligence to separate male, female and different abled anatomy characteristics from cognitive gender identity.

  3. Role of Cognition attention span and focus on configuring a variance in individual gender cognition spectrum(variance driven) in each human condition, thus reducing to practice, expressions of gender identities and consequently a collective’s epistemological abstract of the involuntary auto linkages of observed gender.

In that sense, Healthcare for transgender e.g life saving medications are one of the factor, bringing the quantum cognition energy model of an observer to an equilibrium state in terms of temporal based cognitive function, during the observerance of developing or changing full or partial body characteristics in the human entity’s corporeality.

Other factors (including but not limited to) social, and similar epistemological classifiers e.g social traditions, ethnicity etc which also determine the extent of gender identity’s expressions and govern expressions.

This space publishes open research, scientific artefacts, open standards on Gender Equity, Gender Spectrum Reference Index, Gender Cognition etc.

Intended Readers:
Adult Human(primate family: Hominidae), Gender Research Organisations, Government Agencies, Public Healthcare Institutions, Policy Maker Organizations

Note: Currently, space is private, and accessible through a verified E Residency account.