Could Climate finance potentially save the only planet?

Title : State of Investments in Environmental Markets and what lies ahead.

Subject : Climate Protocol

The aim of this article is to critically examine the progress with Climate change action and financing instruments towards it.

Keywords : environment ecology climate global warming carbon credits reporting verification monitoring compliance voluntary registries markets investments donations net-zero carbon-neutral climate-tech tokens blockchain


The world ushers into a new era with the collective intellectual growth and awareness towards a much more cooperative and collaborative approach. Coming from a history of primitive barbarian civilizations, we have recognised the need for synergy between people-planet-profit. Covid is a prime example of how humanity at large, organized itself to adapt to the pandemic and shift from ‘business as usual’ with increased digital interfacing in communications, transactions, and other forms of exchange of products, services and entertainment.

On the other hand, Climate change sensitivity and realization of the drastic impact of fossil fuel consumption and unregulated industrialisation, these issues are well known and rather inevitable if we don’t transition to a low carbon economy. It’s been an initial slow death that accelerates as time passes and we continue emitting surplus greenhouse gas emissions. While it’s of utmost urgency, that this issue should be first of all understood by all, and second of all dealt with the shift away from fossil fuels, ironically, the matter is barely discussed in public and mass media forums. With the majority of countries signed on to the Paris Agreement, ecological services are finding penetration in local and glocal contexts. Compliance and voluntary markets are just the beginning of the transition of capitalism towards the green revolution that’s fed by behavioral changes propelled by the millenials and the gen-z.


@mehul thanks for the post.
Q. Please highlight the Research Methodologies (proposed to be used or being used) in this Open Research?

Q. Are mathematical modelling expression(s) denoting the financial instruments part of your research methods?

Q. Whether or not, the proposed instruments are linked to (either of the) primary or secondary mortgage markets? If yes, please specify how?

Hello! Sharing below responses the questions above:
A1. This research has been developed through Observations, Online Surveys and Peer Discussions/Focus Groups. Approach is considering an qualitative and quantitative analysis.
A2. Distribution has been cited for financial instruments in the digital tokens being traded towards climate financing. Also, adding quantitative analysis on financial flows towards climate goals globally; representing differences between pledges and disbursements.
A3. Primary Mortgage Markets are often affected largely due to non-comprehensive coverage of climate risks in securitisation. Alongside Increasing number of companies that acquire, bank & trade carbon credits may wish to pledge to them to secure their borrowings, using credits as collateral.

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Most of the population (especially in the low developing countries and low developed areas on the European side) is not aware of the climate change impact, which needs severe sensitisation. On the other hand, the people who profit from the ventures that affect the climate deliberately mislead the population that climate change is a myth and we are in the millennium period which is always characterized by too much heat.

The solution here is intense sensitisation and involvement of young entrepreneurs and investors to start ventures that a climate or environmental friendly.


agree with @pius that a Startup Capital has a certain role in rolling out large scale Climate Financing instruments, also if the proposed financing instruments take the nature of largely dependent on computing machines.

@mehul I also noticed in the Open Research article, where you have based certain assertions: “Free Markets for Ecological Impact Exchange - A potential Future?” Care to elaborate?

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