Invite Public discussion and feedback on the development summary of Second Exchange


Second Exchange is a decentralized blogging platform that is created to act as an anti-censorship information sharing channel in a world where the centralization of services and data allows governments and malicious entities to restrict the flow of information that serve their interests/ideologies. Apart from the grim realities of the reason behind this product, it is also a very useful tool for keeping your data secure and out of reach from the all-controlling monopolies and having a way to serve data for you and others along with an intuitive interface to access it.


The project is currently hosted here and the source code can be found in the open-source GitHub repository.

A roadmap of what lies ahead and potential features to be implemented can be found here, open for suggestions and feedback.

Read the detailed technical write-up on my work and experience with Second Exchange here.


@PulkitVyas Is there a member survey or a Reconnaissance of Foundation’s Communications Charter where you can highlight/foresee how members shall interact with Second Exchange.
Reckon we should host a survey to increase awareness levels and bring adoption to Foundation citizens(if it is not part of this summary yet)

Thanks for posting this, I know u r working on publishing an opinion article on this.

Not at the moment. We can hold a survey once there is more clarity on the aspect of “peer meshes” that can be created within the platform to aid group-level communication. But that aside, I will add some user guidelines and instructions to the foundation’s IT infrastructure document so that adoption can be started.

Yes, the op article is WIP, will be done soon!

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