Public Discussion and Suggestions on Global Statutes

Muellners Foundation is a global co-operative. The co-operative members abide by the Open Constitution.
In the absence of a global business registry or an international structure, which in accordance of, Foundation could be attributed a “legal body” status, the global co-operative operates as a collection of Fiduciary bodies known as Fiscal Hosts, who ensure compliance standards with Local Law.

This topic is floated so that General Public can make suggestions for the Foundation’s statutory status.

a.Relevant Links before posting a suggestion proposal:
Open Constitution
Glossary here.

Please read Global Statutes here.

b. Request is that the suggestion proposal should have citations from regulatory and regtech literature, laws enacted and adopted in Local jurisdictions.
c. Improvement proposals may also be original, detailed and long. In that case, please create a new topic, and post an abstract of your Improvement proposal, along with the new topic url.

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